Glamour shot by Pauline Shypula

Glamour shot by Pauline Shypula


I'm Sam. People say that I'm a hipster, but I am not. However, I think that is something that a hipster would say. I graduated from the Gallatin School of Individualized Studies at NYU in 2012 with a concentration in something that combined Comedy, Music, and Social Theory. Some people think I am funny, some people adamantly disagree. You can decide for yourself.

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. People sometimes ask me if I had a farm. Indianapolis is 13th biggest city in the country. Why the fuck would I live on a farm? My great grandpa lived on a farm, but then again, he was born in the 1800's when everyone lived on a farm.

I like listening to music, all kinds. I'm not a pretentious dick who stops listening to bands once they have "sold out," but I do not care for more recent Green Day albums. I like movies that make me think, but do not require 6 viewings to fully understand (watch Primer). I like TV, and even though I have strong feelings about the use of the laugh track, I like the Big Bang Theory and How I Met You Mother. I love 30 Rock, The Office, and Community. I do not care for reality TV, but some of it seems interesting. Finally, I like to make people laugh, whether it is through the physical, me falling down a staircase, or the thought provoking parables I tell, like the story of that time I fell down a staircase. I talk about my life, how I grew up, how I live now, and how I constantly have to tell people that I am not gay. I swear, I only wear the scarf to re-enforce my heterosexuality.

Some day you will remember reading this pointless blog about my potential fame and think to yourself "oh, those journal entries were quite prescient." Or, they won't have been.